Urology Fundamentals 2019

We are extremely pleased you have chosen to join Urology Centers of Alabama (UCA) at the 2019 edition of our Urology Fundamentals, CME program designed specifically for family medicine, urgent care, internal medicine and OB/GYN.  As with all our conferences, the content is selected to provide up to date, pertinent information for the PCP on a wide range of topics of interest to you.  This conference will highlight several areas within UCA where sub-specialization has enhanced both patient experience and outcomes.  You will hear from experts in radiation therapy, Urogynecology, incontinence, overactive bladder, BPH, and the appropriate use of PSA and screening guidelines.


Click the links below to download our Urology Fundamentals 2019 conference presentations.

Urology Fundamentals 2019 Conference Brochure

Curing Without Cutting.  What your patients need to know about radiation treatment of prostate cancerby Brian Larson, MD

Urology Centers has two UroGynecologists…uuuh, great, but what do they do? by Ali Parden, MD

You want me to talk to my patients about WHAT?!?! How to address your patient’s issues related to sex and intimacy. by Misty Smith, PhD, S-LPC, Certified Sex Therapist

A rational, consensus-based approach to testosterone replacement.  by Eric Westerlund, CRNP

Don’t just give’em antibiotics!  A simple way to diagnose and treat UTI’sby Bellamy Hawkins, PA-C

My patient has a prostate as big as a melon.  What now?  The essentials of treating BPH.  by Jason Burrus, MD and Brian Wade, MD

How long until the next break??!!! Overactive bladder in men and women.  by Rupa Kitchens, MD

Bringing clarity to controversy: the appropriate use of PSA and screening guidelines. by Jared Cox, MD

Houston, we have a problem…hematuria and what you should do to evaluate. by Tyler Poston, MD

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