Dr. Leon Hamrick

Dr. Leon Hamrick’s father, a longtime surgeon in Birmingham, inspired him to enter the field of medicine. A rotation in surgery at the University of Alabama (UAB) School of Medicine captured his interest. Then Dr. Hamrick found his passion for urology. He specializes in stone disease and general urology.

Physicians in this field consistently update their practice based on new medical technologies, which Dr. Hamrick views as a lifelong commitment to learning. In particular, developments that were practically nonexistent 25 years ago—including endoscopic and laser surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery—continue to excite him. Subspecialization of certain skill sets by the physicians at Urology Centers of Alabama allows him to offer their experience to his patients as well. Dr. Hamrick also praises improvements in pharmacologic agents and cancer treatments that were not available even a few years ago.

The human condition, however, plays a tremendous role in his work. In practice for 27 years—the past 17 years at St. Vincent’s Hospital—Dr. Hamrick emphasizes a one-on-one relationship with his patients. He says the scientific method first learned in his student days comes into play when working with patients: the application of logic, a hypothesis to prove, and a conclusion.

Dr. Hamrick stresses patient education, clearly explaining a patient’s condition and treatment options. He believes a patient engaged in partnership with the doctor can lead to a positive attitude and a more positive outcome. In addition, Dr. Hamrick encourages vital family involvement, providing key information when appropriate, especially to spouses and caregivers of older patients.

Every day, Dr. Hamrick looks forward to a new set of challenges and the joy of helping people. He takes pleasure in following patients for long periods, even throughout their lifetime.

Dr. Hamrick is Board Certified with the American Board of Urology.

Education and Training
  • Emory University, BA degree in chemistry
  • UAB School of Medicine, MD degree
  • Two-year surgery residency at UAB
  • Four-year urology residency at UAB, with one year of research in the clinical aspect of stone disease
  • Professional Affiliations
  • American Urological Association
  • The Medical Association of the State of Alabama
  • Jefferson County Medical Society
  • Southeastern Section of the American Urological Association
  • Dr. Leon Hamrick
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