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Genital Aesthetics

Why do men and women care about how their bodies look? Is it vanity… insecurity… a need to feel accepted… a need to feel “as good as” or “better than”…?I don’t claim to know or to understand why we are so concerned about how we appear to others, but I DO know that we are. As a specialist in sexual medicine and prosthetic urology, you might think patients don’t come to me with concerns about their appearance. Well, let me tell you that more and more of my practice includes what I call Genital Aesthetics, the science and art of improving the look of a man’s penis and scrotum.

We all know that men are really concerned about their penis. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Something deep in a man’s brain makes him wonder “Is my penis long enough or thick enough?”…. “Is my penis as big as other guy’s?” It’s just the way we are wired, the way God made us, and we, men, should never, never apologize or feel bad about it. No one thinks twice if a woman decides to get breast implants or a face lift to improve her appearance. I say, more power to you ladies! I also say, fellas, come to see me if you want to look better below the waist, because improving the size of your penis and the look of your scrotum is legitimate and doable, and I am the surgeon to do it!

I am very excited about performing the Penuma girth enhancement implant. This should be thought of as a “breast implant for the penis”; it increases girth, and is also an option for men whose penis tends to retract. It helps the penis to protrude and be much more visible. This surgery is an outpatient procedure and like any surgery there are risks of infection (2%) and, of course, post-operative pain.

Scrotal webbing is a condition where the skin of the scrotum attaches up on the underside of the penile shaft. We usually see this in men who have undergone a prior circumcision; the effect is that the shaft of the penis appears much, much shorter than it really is. Of course, men don’t like anything that makes them look smaller! That’s why we offer an outpatient procedure called a ventral phallopasty. During this surgery I remove the excess skin and close the incision with very fine sutures… the result is that the full length of the penis is visible and the patient is really happy. Gotta’ love that!

There are other procedures I do to make a man’s genitals look their best, but I wanted to speak to those men who seek to do something, because they are unhappy with the way they look. I am always honest and shoot straight with men: I can’t work miracles and some men have unrealistic expectations. If you are interested in talking to me about your situation, make an appointment; let’s sit down and discuss the possibilities.

Click here to see medical before and after pictures of a man treated with the Penuma implant. This image contains nudity.

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