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Gentlemen, Start Your “Staches”

Gentlemen, Start Your “Staches”

It’s official – Movember is finally here! It’s that special time of year when men around the world ditch the baby-face and fully embrace the mustache or beard for a great cause. Urology Centers of Alabama is joining the Movember foundation in raising awareness about the biggest health issues affecting men today – testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health. Men are encouraged to use their new ‘stache as a conversation starter to discuss these important issues. On behalf of the team at UCA, here’s some important tips to be aware of when monitoring your health:

Men should ensure they are completing routine check-ups and maintenance in order to stay on top of their health. Males between the ages of 18 and 40 should regularly conduct a routine testicular self-exam. During this self exam, men should be looking for any abnormal bumps in the testicular area, and should report any abnormalities to their doctor. In addition, men should look into their family history, paying particular attention to any history of bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer.

Men between the age of 40 and 50 should regularly check their cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. Any spikes in these levels should be noted and reported to a physician, as they could potentially link to health issues such as erectile dysfunction and kidney disease. If there is a history of prostate cancer in the family, men are encouraged to schedule a PSA exam with their doctor as well.

When it comes to men over 50, annual prostate exams are essential to keep on top of overall prostate health. In addition to a regular PSA check, men 50 and older should be on the lookout for changes in their bathroom habits. Whether it be the frequency of bathroom trips or a noticeable decrease in urinary flow, these are all key symptoms that should be reported to a urologist as soon as possible.

Be sure to keep these health tips in your back pocket and make sure to utilize them accordingly. Movember is a time for men to reflect on their health journey, and the team at UCA wants to encourage males everywhere to make their health a top priority.

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