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Meet Da Vinci

Urology Centers of Alabama Robotic Surgery

Our team of skilled urologists is committed to providing you with high-quality, personalized medical care in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our physicians specialize in the comprehensive treatment of urological disorders using the most advanced technology available.

Why Urology Centers of Alabama for Robotic Surgery?

Our surgeons and nurses have a strong commitment to treating patients with erectile dysfunction and their partners with compassion, respect and empathy. A man does not need to feel embarrassed when he comes to a physician or a nurse at Urology Centers of Alabama seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction. Our goal is to return patients to these most intimate and private activities that can truly improve the quality of life. The non-surgical and surgical treatment options for erectile dysfunction can be highly effective. We encourage you to begin the journey toward erectile restoration by coming to see us.

    • Experienced team: Urology Centers of Alabama is one of the busiest and most experienced robotic centers in the world.
    • Urology Centers continues to modify surgical techniques to improve outcomes.

Current techniques include:

    • Bladder neck sparing procedure
    • Veil of Aphrodite nerve sparing technique
    • Pelvic floor reconstruction
    • Intraoperative pathology evaluation: frozen sections during surgery to reduce positive margins and PSA recurrence
    • Biofeedback training to reduce incontinence
    • Dedicated erectile dysfunction team to improve potency
    • Comprehensive data collection and monitoring of surgical outcomes

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