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Meet Our Management Team

We strive to be the best for our patients

The contact information listed below for Management is not to be used for urgent or emergency health issues. Do not send requests for medical information, prescription refills or test results. If you need to speak with your doctor, please call 205-930-0920.

Paul Storey Executive Administrator 205-445-0246
KC Templin Director of Finance 205-445-0141
Susan Wilkinson Chief Operating Officer 205-445-0133
John Lee Director of Human Resources 205-414-4427
JC Sandel Director of Marketing 205-445-0242
Melanie Wiggs Director of Clerical Services 205-445-0161
Markita Williams Patient Access Manager 205-414-4421
Sherry Wilson Director of Physician Relations 205-445-0117
Kayla Daniel Front Desk Manager, Homewood 205-263-5185
Lori Edwards Office Manager, Grandview 205-445-0241
Deborah Frazier Office Manager, Medical Oncology 205-414-4429
Maria Hill Office Manager, St. Vincent’s 205-263-5181
Emily Homan Office Manager, Shelby 205-263-5192
Nicole Doss Office Manager, Women's Center 205-445-0180
Jessica Hooks Surgery Scheduling Manager 205-445-0184
Connor Jarecki Allscripts Support Manager 205-414-4066
Aundre Lacy Office Manager, Medical West 205-414-4560
Ashley Martell Medical Secretary Manager, Homewood 205-414-4418
Kim McClendon Revenue Cycle Manager 205-445-0279
Amanda McLellan Office Manager, Trussville 205-445-0198
Dorinda Reeves Lab Manager 205-445-0165
Greg Rodivich Chief Radiation Therapist & Manager, Van Scott Cancer Center 205-414-4404
LuAnn Spain Accounts Payable/Payroll 205-445-0142
Brock Wadsworth Facilities Manager 205-414-4455
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