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Medical Records

Medical Records and Forms Completion

Urology Centers of Alabama has partnered with Sharecare to fulfill your requests for records.

Urology Centers of Alabama is committed to protecting your medical information. For
information about your rights and the obligations you have regarding the use and disclosure
of your medical information, please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.

If you are our patient and would like to request your medical records, please click on the link
below to complete your request for medical records. You will be required to provide a valid
email address and a government-issued ID.

Click here to submit a request for medical records

Records are usually available within 10 days from the time the request is received. If you are picking up
your medical records in person, please be sure to bring a government-issued ID. To arrange for another
individual to pick up the documents for you, please indicate that on the authorization form, and ask them
to bring their government-issued ID.

Only the patient, parent/legal guardian, or the patient’s legal health care representative can sign the form to
release medical records. If you are requesting records on behalf of the patient or as the patient’s
representative, please provide a copy of an Advance Directive/Durable Power of Attorney for healthcare/

Request Submission for Third Party Requesters

If you are an attorney, insurance company, or any other entity requesting records from our
facility, please click on the link below to upload your request along with the patient’s

Click here to submit a request for medical records –

FMLA/Disability Submission for Patients and Requesters

If you are a patient, employer, or disability company requesting an FMLA or Disability form to
be completed, please click on the link below to upload your blank form. Once you have
submitted your form, Sharecare will contact you within 48 hours to collect payment for

Click here to submit a blank FMLA or Disability form for completion –

Frequently Asked Questions

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