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Dr. Amanda Crowe

Dr. Amanda Crowe has been a valued member of Urology Centers of Alabama since 2012.  A respected Pathologist, Dr. Crowe also brings with her, impressive experience both as a teacher and a lecturer.

Dr. Crowe received her undergraduate degree in Zoology from Auburn University, and her medical degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine (UASM), Birmingham, Alabama.

She completed her residency in Anatomic Clinical Pathology, and her fellowship in Cytopathology, at University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System.

She has served on staff at ten hospitals around Alabama, including St. Vincent’s Birmingham (primary and current).

An active teacher for over a decade, Dr. Crowe has lectured on a wide range of topics including Macroscopic Pathology, Microbiology, Hematopathology and Cytopathology, among other subjects. She has taught at both of her alma maters, UASM and Auburn University.

Her presentations and seminars have focused on topics including IgG4 Related Disease, Mutation Status of NSCLC, Pancreatic Endocrine Tumors, and many others.

Dr. Crowe is affiliated with several medical memberships including the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

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