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50% of Bladder Cancer Victims are Smokers

50% of Bladder Cancer Victims are Smokers

It’s known that smoking can lead to diseases, such as lung cancer. Now, more and more discoveries are linking smoking with bladder cancer. According to the National Institutes for Health, smoking is an important risk factor for bladder cancer. The harmful ingredients of tobacco can easily enter our body but we know nothing much about how it leaves the body. As the toxins leave the body through the urinary tract, an exposure to this can be very dangerous. A study done by NIH confirmed that 50% of bladder cancer victims are smokers.

Please be aware of the early symptoms of bladder cancer; such as blood in urine, discomfort when urinating, and constant bladder infections.

Make it a habit to have regular check-ups with your urologist, whether you are a smoker or not, to detect early signs of bladder cancer.

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