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Testicular Cancer Self Checks Are Important

It’s Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone knows that women are recommended to perform self-evaluations for breast cancer, but most men are not aware that they should be checking themselves for signs of testicular cancer. We’re […]

Employee Spotlight — Susan Shelley

Check out our employee spotlight on Susan Shelley, our Surgery Scheduling Supervisor. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our patients to deliver better, personalized care, so we want to give more insight into the […]

A Week in Lisbon – International and European Sexual Medicine Societies

Dr. Christine and I were recently invited to present/lecture at the International and European Sexual Medicine Societies in Lisbon, Portugal.This is a very prestigious meeting where sexual medicine physicians from around the world gather for […]

Dr. Brian Christine, Dr. Casey McCraw, erectile dysfunction, health

Genital Aesthetics

Why do men and women care about how their bodies look? Is it vanity… insecurity… a need to feel accepted… a need to feel “as good as” or “better than”…?I don’t claim to know or […]

Dr. Brian Christine, genital aesthetics, men's health, sexual, sexual health

Robotic Prostatectomy

Urology Centers of Alabama has always had at the core of its mission to provide the highest quality state –of- the- art care for our patients delivered with skill and compassion. So it was consistent […]

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