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Beware of the “Quick Fix” Men’s Clinics

Think of the human body like a sports car – a complex, well-oiled machine that needs regular upkeep to perform at max potential. When it comes time for a repair or a tune-up, odds are you wouldn’t trust just any auto repair shop with your high-end vehicle. On the contrary, you’d want to find the most knowledgeable, experienced mechanic in the area that you can trust to properly service your ride.

When it comes to your urological needs, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best care available. While it may be tempting to seek consultation from a “quick-fix” men’s clinic that you’ve likely seen advertised around town, it’s important to understand what differentiates those clinics from an accredited urology center like the UCA Men’s Health Center and why consulting with an expert urologist can make all the difference in your health journey.

Avoid the “Quick-Fix” Clinics

Whether it’s seeing a billboard or hearing an ad on the radio, odds are you’ve been exposed to the aggressive advertising of a local “quick-fix” men’s clinic boasting about their “expert-approved, guaranteed results” for treating conditions like low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. In reality, many of these clinics are operated by poorly trained medical providers looking to make a quick buck from their clients.

A typical visit to one of these clinics starts with a patient forking over the consultation fee that ranges from $99 to $200, and – surprise -it’s not covered by insurance. The “experts” treating patients in these clinics are typically non-urologists who lack the training, education and expertise of a board certified urologist. When it comes time to offer treatment, the providers at these clinics lack the range of treatment options that are available at a certified urology center and end up trying to sell you on a “miracle” injection that is anything but.

Go With the Pros

Put simply, a certified urologist brings with them the knowledge, experience, and specialized training to properly treat your condition. Whether you’re experiencing low T, Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction, or infertility, an expert urologist from the UCA Men’s Health Center can work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that most suits your needs. Utilizing the lab testing resources and spectrum of treatment options available at a certified urology center, a urologist can work with you to not only treat your current condition, but to also assist you in developing a strategy for a healthier future with expansive services that also includes a focus on metabolic health. These services include genetic testing, metabolic testing, sleep studies and nutrition counseling!

Visit the new UCA Men’s Health Center

Located in Homewood Plaza, the new UCA Men’s Health Center provides a specialized, holistic approach to men’s health for patients of all ages and backgrounds. The center is run by a trusted team of knowledgeable, experienced urologists with a history of providing the highest standard of care possible. Schedule an appointment by visiting the UCA Men’s Health Center website or call 205-930-0920.



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