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Education Around the World

I am sitting at a restaurant in Madrid, Spain enjoying tapas…small, appetizer sized plates of food. The weather is nice, the people nicer, and the food is ridiculously good. It’s relaxing to get off of my feet. My travels took me to Munich, Germany for three days to perform operations; then it was off to Spain for two days of teaching more surgery and giving educational talks. I am off to London for two more days of surgery. I am fortunate that my practice is well recognized as a Center of Surgical Excellence, and invitations to operate and teach within and outside the USA are frequent. I am also fortunate that my partners at Urology Centers of Alabama support this activity. It is a “win-win” situation… I love to teach, and I am convinced that when I teach I become a better surgeon. When there is an auditorium of surgeons watching you, you must be able to explain why you are doing something, and understand why you are handling a surgery in a specific way. Also, when a city knows I am coming they save up all the complicated, tough cases for me! That’s ok too…you learn by doing, and I can always learn something new.

My practice is exclusively men’s sexual health and prosthetic urology. I treat ED, Peyronie’s disease, premature ejaculation, urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy, and low testosterone. You might say, “Brian, why do you want to treat THOSE things?!” Well, I’ll tell you…men who suffer from ED, urinary incontinence, or any of the things I treat are often miserable, broken hearted, and desperate to be helped. If you are reading this and have one of these conditions, or love a man who does, you know my words are truth. Let me tell you brothers, the men like you in Spain, England, Australia, China, Chezch Republic, or New Zealand are no different. They hurt, they cry, and they need treatment, too. If I can help them in my travels, and I can bring better and sharper surgical skills back to Birmingham we all are happier. Never, never stop teaching and learning; that’s the Urology Centers of Alabama way.

Pictured below: Dr. Brian Christine, far right, with surgeons from Lebanon, Egypt, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands. This pic was taken following a lecture and cadaver demonstrations of surgical techniques.

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