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My Fellowship in Male Prosthetic Urology

My Fellowship in Male Prosthetic Urology

Upon completion of my urology residency, I made the decision to pursue a fellowship in prosthetic urology, men’s sexual health and incontinence with Dr. Brian Christine at the Urology Centers of Alabama, located in Birmingham, Alabama. I made this decision because I wanted to learn Dr. Christine’s expert surgical techniques as well as the inner workings of a sexual health practice. It has been an excellent journey thus far. Working with Dr. Christine has been an experience in itself.When I first met him, his friendly, energetic disposition put me at ease. I noticed very quickly why his patients love and respect him so much. He cares about each individual person and is able to talk to everyone like they are a member of his family, which I’ve learned is important when patients are discussing very personal issues that deeply affect their lives. Most patients that arrive at the office are hesitant and nervous, but they almost always leave laughing with smiles on their faces, comforted that they are not alone and hopeful that there is a plan in place to restore their sexual function.

After seeing patients in clinic, we have two days per week in the operating room where we perform penile implants, penile curvature correction and male incontinence surgery. I’ve quickly learned from this experience that a surgeon can be the smartest doctor in the world, but without a great team working with them, they will never be the best. The OR team we have at St. Vincent’s hospital is one of the most exemplary teams I have ever worked with. Everyone, from the anesthesia providers to the nursing staff and surgical techs, are truly invested in patient care.Dr. Christine and I work with the same surgical teams every week so that each procedure runs with military precision. I have learned a lot in the first 2 months of my fellowship and I am excited to continue this journey. Stay tuned for the next installment about this year in Men’s Sexual Health Fellowship.

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