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UCA to Provide Holistic, Preventative Genetic Insight for Patients Through the GeneCompass Genetic Test

UCA to Provide Holistic, Preventative Genetic Insight for Patients Through the GeneCompass Genetic Test

Urology Centers of Alabama and Phosphorus Announce Partnership to Provide Holistic, Preventative Genetic Insight for Patients Through the GeneCompassTM Genetic Test

Urology Centers of Alabama announced beginning March 2022 it will launch access to Phosphorus’s GeneCompass NGS genetic test to patients.

Urology Centers of Alabama (UCA) announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Phosphorus, a leading preventative genomics company, to offer GeneCompass, the first holistic, medical-grade genetic test, to enhance their comprehensive treatment services of men’s health. The combination further expands the goal of UCA to provide the highest quality medical services using cutting-edge technology and medical procedures. The GeneCompass test will be available first in the newly opened UCA Men’s Health Center, which aims to provide personalized healthcare to men, even if they don’t have a primary care physician, in a comfortable environment.

GeneCompass is the first medical-grade genetic test to cover a broad range of important preventable conditions, not just limited to inherited cancers or cardiovascular disorders. GeneCompass medical content also includes the genetics related to endocrinology, vision loss, hearing loss, infertility, neurology and pharmacogenetics. Additionally, GeneCompass bridges the gap between medical genomics and wellness by providing a comprehensive wellness panel including diet & nutrition, exercise genomics, skin & haircare and the genetics of sleep.

“We are excited to bring a preventative genomic screening panel to patients in partnership with one of the leading providers of specialty services for men’s health. Together, we are helping to provide a more holistic view of a patient’s health risks, beyond the standard of care in urology” said Alex Bisignano, Founder and CEO of Phosphorus.

“In today’s world, information and knowledge is key to health conversations, and the providers at UCA believe in having a partnership with our patients.  Genetic testing can provide valuable information about an inherited condition for patients as they start looking at their overall health,” said Jason Biddy, CEO of Urology Centers of Alabama.  “I completed the testing and genetic counseling and found the information to be a roadmap for me to utilize personally and with my health care team.”

 About Phosphorus

 Phosphorus’s mission is to extend and improve lives by making genomics a foundational part of everyone’s health and wellness journey. Having built a verticalized genetic testing platform, from wet lab chemistry to software and bioinformatics, Phosphorus is able to provide the most comprehensive, medical-grade genetic tests at price points helping to democratize access to genomic information. Additionally, Phosphorus provides white-labeling genomics-as-a-service solutions by partnering with organizations who want to deploy their own preventative genetic testing solutions. This helps empower healthcare providers to make preventative genomics the norm in medicine.

For more information, please visit our website at phosphorus.com.

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