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Urology Centers of Alabama Patient Testimonial: Prostate Cancer Treatment

Urology Centers of Alabama Patient Testimonial: Prostate Cancer Treatment


In January 2017 as part of my annual physical the PSA test showed an elevated level. A follow-up test confirmed that number. Thanks to Dr. Colvard (Brookwood Primary Care) for ensuring that the tests were done and that I was referred to Dr. Mills of the Urology Centers of Alabama. Subsequent tests showed that I did have prostate cancer but that it had been detected at a very early stage. Thanks again to Dr. Colvard for your approach and thoroughness.

Dr. Mills performed the biopsy procedure and after a positive result for prostate cancer, took all the time that was necessary to fully explain the situation and the treatment options. Thank you Dr. Mills for your time and patience and for recommending what I believe to be the best treatment option of radiation therapy and for referring me to Dr. Larson.

On my first visit to Dr. Larson’s office I was first greeted by Yolonda and then Frances. Thanks to both of you for always being up-beat and welcoming. You both did your jobs exceptionally well for the duration of my treatment time.

Dr. Larson took all the time that was necessary to explain the treatment options and process completely. The explanations and thoroughness made a lot of the apprehensions go away. Thank you for doing that in such an excellent manner. The weekly visits with you and Dr. Duncan during the radiation process were all handled extremely well. Thanks to both of you for your concern and advice throughout that time.

And to those I saw the most, Greg Rodivich and the radiation technicians (Amanda, Emma, Kaneka and Quentin) a huge thank you for the professional and personally friendly approach from the initial “tattooing” session through 38 radiation treatments. I had a 1:15 appointment time and the latest I went into the radiation room was 1:14 (and that was a day when there had been problems with the machine). I was always greeted with smiles and welcoming comments. During those 39 visits there must have been days that were not going well but it never showed. I am sure you understand that walking into that room wearing a robe, a shirt and a pair of socks is not something I was excited about each day. In spite of that I did look forward to seeing whoever was in the room that day.

In general I want to compliment the entire organization for the highly organized procedures that you have in place. And even a higher compliment to the people who make it work so well each and every day.


Lyle May

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