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Urology is No Longer a “Men Only” Club

Urology is No Longer a “Men Only” Club

I once gave a talk entitled “The Only Girl in the Room.” When I was training to become a urologist, I was often the only girl in the room. People asked “Why did you pick a field where you are always dealing with men’s’ privates” or “Do men have a hard time seeing a woman physician?”

In fact, the field of urology has grown to not only include many urologists who are women, but they also include many more female patients in our practices. No longer is urology a male only field. Some urologists choose to specialize in female urologic care, but many are general urologists treating both men and women. I have found that quite often, men are more comfortable talking about sexual issues with women urologists than with men!

Female patients are universally grateful to finally have more treating physicians who are women. Conditions such as incontinence, painful intercourse and prolapse are very common and may be more easily addressed with a female urologist. The treatments for each of these conditions have become mainstream and the options many. Both stress (cough, sneeze, laugh) and urge (can’t make it to bathroom) incontinence are very treatable with high success rates. Painful intercourse also has become more treatable with new medications and procedures. Prolapse of the vagina (cystocele, enterocele, rectocele) can be addressed surgically and non-surgically.

Our plumbing may be different, but one thing is certain – urological issues are not prejudice. My colleagues and I believe it’s important to choose a urologist based on his/ her specialty rather than his/her gender.  If you feel like you need to speak to a urologist, contact us, and we’ll ensure you’re seeing the right person for your condition.

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