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MonaLisa Touch Testimonial: What the procedure has meant for me

UCA has been offering the MonaLisa Touch procedure since 2016 and we have so many satisfied patients. One recent patient, Stacey, wanted share a testimonial on what the procedure has done for her: “A couple […]

Dr. Brian Christine Discusses Urological Surgery and Sexual Medicine

In an interview taken at the 2017 meeting of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Dr. Brian Christine discusses a wide range of topics, including his experience in urology, his motivation for helping men […]

Testicular Cancer Self Checks Are Important

It’s Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone knows that women are recommended to perform self-evaluations for breast cancer, but most men are not aware that they should be checking themselves for signs of testicular cancer. We’re […]

Employee Spotlight — Susan Shelley

Check out our employee spotlight on Susan Shelley, our Surgery Scheduling Supervisor. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our patients to deliver better, personalized care, so we want to give more insight into the […]

A Week in Lisbon – International and European Sexual Medicine Societies

Dr. Christine and I were recently invited to present/lecture at the International and European Sexual Medicine Societies in Lisbon, Portugal.This is a very prestigious meeting where sexual medicine physicians from around the world gather for […]

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Urologic Health Tips & Resolutions for 2018

We all know that the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthier and lose some weight, but have you ever considered what changes you should make for your urological health? Taking the right […]


A Letter From Our New CEO

Urology Centers of Alabama has been committed to providing our patients with the highest quality medical services and care for more than six decades. The legacy left behind by David Sorrells will continue to live […]

Urology Centers of Alabama Patient Testimonial: Prostate Cancer Treatment

THANKS TO MY HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: In January 2017 as part of my annual physical the PSA test showed an elevated level. A follow-up test confirmed that number. Thanks to Dr. Colvard (Brookwood Primary Care) […]

cancer, cancer treatment, Dr. Brian Larson, prostate cancer, prostate cancer treatment

Pain with intercourse? Vaginal discomfort? Not for me!

As we women age, we do not always know what is coming next. We think we do, but we may not. We all know the stereotypical changes that happen with menopause, and of course, chronic […]

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